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«The Last Ditch»

«Dorothea Lange wrote "The Last Ditch" as an introduction to one section of an exhibit of her life's work. This exhibit was held at the New York City Museum of Modern Art in 1965. What prompted her thoughts, perhaps, was "White Angel Breadline," her first documentary photograph, taken three decades earlier. Images included Politics of the New Deal document the story of these people who, upon reaching the "last ditch," responded by walking through its depths only to climb out on the other side.»

White Angel Breadline, San Francisco, 1933
Oakland Museum Collection

The Last Ditch
[Dorothea Lange]
I am trying here to say something
About the despised, the defeated,
the alienated.
about death and disaster.
About the wounded, the crippled,
the hapless, the rootless,
the dislocated.
About duress and trouble.
About finality
About the last ditch.

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